Saturday, May 21, 2011

New game, Liebrary: Cross-post at Every Day Is A Miracle

I've actually been trying to SHED some of our board games (mostly the ones for kids), but I could not resist this one...especially at resale prices.

It's like Balderdash, but instead the players try to make up the first line of a book. Here's how Liebrary works:
In Liebrary, one player reads the title, author, and synopsis of a real-life book (e.g., Julius Caesar, Jurassic Park, or Mr. Brown Can Moo). The other players must each write and submit their best attempt at a first line for the book. The first player reads all the submissions, including the real first line of the book, and then the other players each try to pick out the real one. Players get points for choosing the real first line, getting other players to select their submission, and possibly knowing the real first line before it is revealed. The reader gets points only if no players correctly guess the real first line, but the reader position rotates.
LiebraryI am hoping to finagle my clever brother-in-law into playing...he always came up with the funniest definitions when we used to play Balderdash BC (before children). He put the two writers in the family to shame! So maybe I don't want to play this game with him. :) No, it's worth it to hear his good definitions. This just proves that you don't have to be an English major to be wicked at writing definitions. (In fact, it probably helps if you were NOT an English major.)

Anyone up for a game? I can't wait to play!

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