Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fifty shades of meh


No, I haven't read it and I do not plan to. I'm a book snob. Once I heard it was Twilight fan fiction, I couldn't bear the thought...even though my mother-in-law has read it! (Ten Reasons I Hate Twilight)

This wonderful review on is all I need!

This fifty-shades-of-gray phenomenon is completely ridiculous, if you ask me:

We love to joke about it at my book group...but no, we are not reading it! One of our book group members has a coworker (a man!) who gave her the book to read.

Really, wearing handcuffs on a necklace?

The writer is British (which, from what I've read, is obvious in the book, as she doesn't know the U.S. very well). I love this line in the review linked above,
"In fact, the book from whence he sprang, steely and sleek with enigmatic man-sweat, is now the best-selling book in British history.  AND THEY INVENTED ENGLISH! (Both the language AND the wimpy accent!)" 
Who are you calling wimpy?

But it's also extremely popular in the U.S., especially New England.

Here's a fun parody.

I ask you, just like I couldn't understand what Bella saw in Edward, why on earth would a woman want a man to "boss her around, treat her like a foolish child, tell her she’s your “property” and basically take her completely and totally for granted"? What is so attractive or sexy about that? I just don't understand!

And I ask you:

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