Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Boys Against the Girls Series: Reading to the kids

Tonight we just finished Book #11 of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's series, "The Boys Against the Girls." Only one book to go. Kieran will be sad when they are finished.

The books are based in a small town in West Virginia and center around a family of four boys and a family of three girls. The girls move to their town and rent the house of their friends (another family of boys). The boys decide that if they make the girls miserable enough, they'll leave town and move back to Ohio...and this will make their friends return. Thus starts a battle between the boys and the girls. In each book, one group has an edge over the others. It seems to me that the girls are slightly more clever than the boys, but the boys hold their own.

We read all the books with Chris, so this is our second time through them. Although supposedly set in recent times, the books hearken back to an older time, when children ran free and we didn't have to worry about predators or other dangers. They are not overscheduled or constantly playing sports or participating in clubs. There's no mention of Facebook, texting, or cell phones. It's just good, old-fashioned kid adventures.

Both Mike and I have enjoyed reading these books. They're entertaining and cleverly done. I guess Kieran won't be the only one who will be sad when we're done!

Perhaps in a few years we will read them again to Nicholas. :)

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