Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dharma Girl: Hippie childhood memoir

Dharma Girl: A Road Trip Across the American GenerationsDharma Girl: A Road Trip Across the American Generations by Chelsea Cain

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After hearing Chelsea Cain speak at a writers' conference banquet this summer and reading the first two of her thriller novels, I decided to go back to her very first book, which she published at the tender age of 23.

When I was a young girl, I always felt that I'd been born in the wrong era and was fascinated with "hippie" culture. Not so much the drugs, rock and roll, and sex, but more the living on a farm, growing vegetables, commune type of experience. In reality, I probably would have hated the communal living.

When Cain's mother is diagnosed with melanoma, she decides she'd like to move back to Iowa, where she was born and raised on a commune farm. She and her mother drive from Portland to Iowa City, where she sets up camp for awhile. The book chronicles their road trip and their early days in Iowa. It turned out to be a quick read, and I enjoyed the stories about the early days of "Snowbird" and how she remembers her childhood.

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